J&V Techniek originated from a collaboration between Gerben Vonk and John Janse. Passion and drive make the rapid development of the company possible. We are a close-knit company with a friendly atmosphere. Good interaction and clear communication is important to us. Short lines that make the work effective and enjoyable. We are enthusiastic about assignments that require a product that is not yet on the market. Solutions that help making processes easier, or take work and time away from our customers. When we are confronted with a problem, we will continue to work on it until we see that it has actually been solved. J&V Techniek employs skilled people and has a very large network of people with specific experience, so that we can come to the best solutions.


Contact information

J&V Techniek B.V.
Planetenlaan 83A
2957 SM Nieuw-Lekkerland | The Netherlands
Tel: +31(0)184-723723